Doc Shaw – see interesting facts about the famous actor

To call Larramie Cortez “Doc” Shaw a jack of all trades would be an understatement – this young star has wholly earned his place in the world of entertainment. From being an incredible actor and rapper to a proficient writer and emcee, Shaw has got it all.

Let’s dive into some fascinating facts about Doc Shaw, while celebrating his journey across TV shows and films that have earned him a prolific reputation around the globe.

Doc’s Early Beginnings

Initially from Atlanta, Georgia, Shaw was born on April 24, 1992. Who knew that this little boy would end up taking over our television screens with his striking screen presence! Notably, he inherited the nickname ‘Doc’ from his father – who used to use it for endearing purposes.

The Launchpad

Shaw’s acting career ignited in 2006 when he starred on Tyler Perry’s House of Payne as Malik Payne. The show was an instant blockbuster on TBS, giving him significant recognition and fan following credits to his impeccable acting talent. Interestingly, Shaw won two NAACP Image Awards for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series for his work in House of Payne in both 2009 and 2010.

The Disney Chapter

After the massive success of House of Payne, Shaw took a huge leap by entering the Disney scene, which propelled his career even further. In 2009, he joined the famous show ‘The Suite Life on Deck’ as Marcus Little, an ex-boy band member. The portrayal of Marcus brought him into the Disney limelight – preparing him for more riveting roles in due course.

Some years later, in early 2011, Shaw landed himself another lead role in the Disney XD original series ‘Pair of Kings’. This time around, he played King Boomer, one-half of the royal sibling duo running the fictitious island of Kinkou. The show garnered immense appreciation from audiences across continents while cementing Shaw’s position as one of Disney’s most likable stars.

Simultaneously Juggling His Music Career

Being a man of multiple talents, Shaw’s skills go beyond just captivating performances on screen – he is also an accomplished rapper who goes by the name Coldwater Cannon.

Between shooting shows and acting comes music compositions enthusiast in him enabled him to sustain a strong grip on both these diverse aspects. He set up Ocgang Radio Station together with co-hosts Jacob Rossman and Davis McDavid in June 2021. We cannot help but wonder what else this multi-talented artist has up his sleeve!

Influences and Inspiration

Shaw acknowledges that his father stands as one of his primary sources of inspiration during interviews. He shared how his father advised him to absorb every aspect of filmmaking like a sponge so that he could gather knowledge about various crafts associated with it. Consequently, learning from legends such as Bill Cosby and Redd Foxx helped shape his unique style that we now adore.

Interesting Trivia!

Despite thinking chewing gum is repulsive—feeling quite uncomfortable seeing anyone chewing it—Shaw resorts to sneaking candy bars during breaks while filming.

From tender beginnings to epic stardom across television networks and diverse character portrayals – Doc Shaw continues evolving as an actor while captivating hearts through it all! Fans worldwide are waiting eagerly for his next on-screen appearance or music composition to sweep them off their feet once again. With a career that transcends all expectations so far – it’s certain that there’s no stopping Doc Shaw from carving out an unforgettable legacy within the entertainment industry!